Custom Apparel

Branded clothing for your staff, students, or customers!


Screen Printing

Our team can help source branded apparel items including:

  • Ideal for large quantities of the same design
  • Full-color ink printing on all types of clothing options
  • Ink is delivered through large silk mesh screens to create the design on the garment
  • Ink is applied one color at a time before cured in a large dryer
  • Ink can be printed on different materials (including polyester and blend)



Custom color-stitched designs on all types of clothing options:

  • Designs are digitally created and applied using a large multi-head embroidery machine
  • Ideal for polos, jackets, bags and hats
  • Embroidery can decorate multiple garments with the same design at the same time
  • End result is a long-lasting, high-quality decoration
  • Embroidery can be printed on different materials (including polyester and blends)




Heat Press

Custom heat press options for apparel customization:

  • Capable of creating multi-color designs on many different types of garments
  • Designs are cut out from a heat transfer material and ironed onto clothing
  • Perfect for orders with individual names and numbers
  • Can be printed on many different materials including polyester and blends
  • More cost effective than screen print/embroidery due to less setup involved



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