GCU / GCE General Department Ordering

Current methods to order GCU/GCE branded uniform for your team

Apparel - Ordering 25 Items or Less


We recommend COUPA when ordering 25 items or less for your team. Please note the following:

  • Ideal when ordering items that have already been uploaded to the system (where GCU logos already exist)
  • You will receive updates from our Zoho CRM system concerning the status of your order(s)
  • Should you have an issue with Coupa, please email [email protected]
  • Please note you will need to be on the GCU/GCE VPN to access COUPA
  • COUPA access is only typically available to department or division leaders/supervisors

Apparel - Ordering 26 Items or More

Quote with CP

We recommend contacting our team by email when ordering 26 items or more for your team. Please note the following:

  • This will allow our team to build a quote and seek the best possible pricing for you
  • We can create a new apparel item for you to quote (not showing on COUPA)
  • Our team will loop in the marketing team where required (should you be looking to create a entirely new design or use a non-approved GCU logo)
  • Our team will walk you through the process and provide a date for completion and the relevant costings

Promotional Giveaway Items

Quote with CP

When ordering promotional giveaway items there are two general pathways at GCU/GCE:

Option 1 : Where a design is being created to suit a specific need or you would like specific assistance concerning marketing budget use, you will typically work with the Marketing team to begin with:

1) Click Here to submit an item request form: Lopenet Link 

2) Please fill out the appropriate form (can be used for apparel or promotional items)

3) A team member at Canyon Promotions or the Marketing Department will contact you 

Option 2 : If you are looking to use artwork or GCU logos that already exists, you may work directly with the CP team: 

1) Please call 602 639 7882 or email us at [email protected].

2) We will discuss with you, your objectives and outline different options.

Should you have any questions concerning which pathway to follow please feel free to call or email us:

602 639 7882 | [email protected] 


Signage / Beautifcation

Quote with CP

Please email us at [email protected] with your idea or request. Our productions artists will loop in the relevant marketing contacts as required for compliance and idea development assistance. 



Would your department like a custom uniform store?

Our team can organize a catalogue option for your staff to be able to personally purchase any items we make available on COUPA for your department. Please see the two examples we currently have in operation:

Enrollment Staff Store

GCBC Store

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