Student Workers Stories



Rosa Vazquez

Rosa is studying for a degree in Forensic Science. with aspirations of a career in criminology and working in a laboratory. 

Joined: May 2017

Passionate about: Rosa enjoys helping others, fitness, as well as, dance, and pitching in when things get busy.

Reason for working with CP: Rosa likes the task variety, learning new skills, and being challenged to leave her comfort zone concerning new skills.


David Manuel

David is heading into his second year of study at GCU with interests in Athletics, Fitness, Nutrition. He has developed his screen print skills to the extent of which his peers consider him to be an outstanding contributor, capable of teaching new staff.

Joined: August 2018

Passionate about: David values solving problems, working with others, and taking on large orders.

Reason for working with CP: David detailed that he enjoys showcasing his newly learned skills, being part of a team, and teaching other students.




Sandra Botwo

Sandra is currently working on her MBA with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management at GCU. Sandra is an international student from Ghana, West Africa. After finishing her MBA program, she is looking forward to get in to World Health Organization (WHO) to help improve / solve world health issues. As well as, getting her PhD along the way.

Joined: May 2019

Passionate about: Sandra stated that she is all about living a healthy lifestyle, making a difference, cooking, food, traveling, music, helping others, friends and family, and helping solve world health issues.

Reason for working with CP: Sandra was excited about working in a fast paced environment with fun people and also wanted to learn about screen printing and embroidery.



Divine Kasindi

Devine is studying for a degree in Health Care Administration, with plans to get an MBA in Finances after graduating. Devine is an international student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; she has been in the U.S. for the past four years

Joined: May 2019

Passionate about: Devine enjoys cooking, cleaning, dancing, singing, reading, and talking to her family who lives abroad.

Reason for working with CP: Devine has an associate degree in general Business and in Arts. She loves working with the people, values learning new skill and gaining new experiences such as learning how to operate the screen printing machine. Devine also detailed that she enjoys the variety of tasks that get assigned to her.


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Jiselle Mariano

Jiselle is currently studying for a major in psychology with intentions of getting a Masters degree in counseling. She is from the great state of Hawaii and is looking forward to becoming a therapist to help people with mental health issues.

Joined: May 2019

Passionate about: Jiselle’s interests include powerlifting, helping others, learning new skills, hanging out with friends and family, and telling jokes.

Reason for working with CP: Jiselle stated that she enjoys being part of a team, has some experience with graphic design and was interested in the opportunity to learn new skills in screen printing and embroidery

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